#CorporateSocialResponsibility: A View of "Corporethics" as the Practice for Corporate Ethics

For various reasons, the new development practices are strongly influencing all aspects of business conduct. More leading companies around the world are beginning to reconsider their relationships with their stakeholders, to find a better way to represent their interests and concerns in productive activities. This means a significant progress to fully incorporate companies in those developing local communities where they carry out business activities. Establishing collaborative alliances creates integrative relationships.

However, despite some beliefs, this practice is not only limited to reinforce CSR programs, but instead, represents a real concern for companies to incorporate most representative ethical standards to their business models. Under this approach, society's shared values get involved in the process of institutionalization of ethics, which becomes part of business strategy.

This new paradigm of business behavior is more receptive to social concerns, which aim to make economic growth more socially inclusive. For this reason ethics institutionalization seems to be the result of a holistic building process, and not just a corporate policy guideline, which evolves as companies and communities interact and grow. In this context, a more inclusive model is progressively displacing that classic corporate ethics, which influenced morality in business for years.

This approach, closer to society values and more representative of company’s stakeholders, is part of a wider concept we call CORPORETHICS.


A View of "Corporethics" as the Practice for Corporate Ethics