EMaS (@universitatURV): A Centre for new materials and micro/nanotechnology research

The Research Centre on Engineering of Materials and micro/nanoSystems, EMaS, belongs to the Rovira i Virgili University. Its research work is centred on the field of science and engineering of new materials and nanostructuration, and on their application to the design and development of micro and nanosystems.

The EMaS Research Centre includes more than 80 expert researchers in various fields such as physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, optics, photonics, electronic engineering, and environmental engineering.  They belong to 7 different research groups from various departments and schools of the Rovira i Virgili University:

  • Heterogeneus Catalysis (CATHETER)
  • Experimentation, Computation and Modelling on Fluids Mechanics and Turbulence (ECoMMFiT)
  • Physics and Crystallography of Materials (FiCMA)
  • Physics and Crystallography of Nanomaterials (FiCNA)
  • Catalytic Materials in Green Chemistry (GreenCat)
  • Microsystems and Nanotechnologies for Chemical Analysis (MinoS)
  • Nanoelectronic and Photonic Systems (NePhoS)


The history of EMaS

After the favourable assessment of the Academic Ordination and Research Commission on 18th April 2007, the Government Council of the Rovira i Virgili University on 2nd May 2007, approved to initiate the creation process of the Research Centre on Materials and micro/nanoSystems, EMaS. The Council entrust the EMaS team with the elaboration of the strategic plan for the centre.

The Government Council of the Rovira i Virgili University on 10th July 2008 approved the strategic plan and the internal rules of EMaS.

The EMaS Research Centre was definitively created on 22nd September 2008 with the signature between the Rovira i Virgili University and the EMaS Research Centre of the 2008-2010 program agreement defining the objectives to achieve during the first 3 years. Currently, the 3rd agreement (2013-20136) is running. From 2008, the achievement of objectives has been more than 90%.

The mission of EMaS

The mission of EMaS is to conduct research, transfer of technology and knowledge to the industry and training in the field of new materials and micro/nanosystems, especially those related to the development of new technologies for sustainable chemistry, the environment, health, energy and communications.

Multidisciplinary Research

The EMaS research center develops its activity mainly in the scientific and technologic fields of materials and nanomaterials, cathalisys, solid-state devices and sensors. Each of the seven research groups of EMaS contribute with their current research lines related to the research field of the centre, which configures the initial research framework of EMaS. This framework could be applied and/or adapted to the research fields boosted by the current European Framework Programme (currently H2020), the National Research Plan, and to those fixed by the Direction Board of EMaS and the Rovira i Virgili University.

The transfer of technology and knowledge to the productive sector in the fields commented above of sustainable chemistry, environment, health, energy and communications is one of the main activities of EMaS.

One of the principal objectives of EMaS is the training of PhD and early-career researchers in the scientific and technological framework of the centre. EMaS aims to create its own PhD and masters programme to contribute to education.

Research lines at EMaS

Current research lines at EMaS


Main scientific contributions of EMaS from 2008 to 2013